Vision Statement

To see God fully glorified and His kingdom fully realized.

Mission Statement

To Love God and to Make God's Love Known.

Our Values

Living in the safe presence of Holy God.
Demonstrated by … making God our refuge when life is stormy and our joy when life goes well, continually acknowledging that wherever we are, He is there to keep us safe and to enable us to be sanctuary for those around us.

Living to grow and help others grow to be more like Christ.
Demonstrated by … consciously directing every thought, word, and deed so that we will more perfectly reflect God’s excellent character.

Living in the knowledge that God is good.
Demonstrated by … humbly and thankfully acknowledging all the good that God has done for us in Christ, and that everything we are and have and   experience is given by Him for our good.

Living with confidence in God’s good plans for today and tomorrow.
Demonstrated by … constantly looking for the good that God is doing in every situation and living optimistically in the knowledge that all of His promises are true.