MISSiON   AND   Vision

We value a mission and vision statement as wise tools of focus and direction for a local church. 

Our mission statement helps us take Jesus' general charge to his body (see Matthew 28:18-20 for instance) and apply it to our specific context. 

Our vision statement helps us understand what we expect to look like as we, in the power of the Holy Spirit, live our Christ-given mission. 

Lord help us! 

Mission Statement

To love God by glorifying him in worship, making devoted followers of Jesus Christ through every opportunity the Holy Spirit affords us, in the San Lorenzo Valley and across the globe. 

vision Statement

If we live our mission, we will be -

"A light for God's glory; a loving family of grateful Christ-followers continually shaped by God's Word, living lives that increasingly reflect our Savior to the world around us"