At Felton Bible Church we believe God intends for called, gifted, and qualified men to serve the body of Christ as shepherd-leaders; as pastor-elders.  This belief stands alongside our complementary conviction that Jesus invests the whole congregation of every church with profound responsibility.  Thus, elders lead in a congregational context.  

Scripture uses the terms "elder," "pastor," and "overseer," interchangeably - with a particular emphasis on "elder" and "overseer" - to describe one of two biblical offices in the church (the other being "deacon").  All of our elders are pastors.  That said, only a portion of our elders serve as "staff elders."  Staff elders function on a daily basis as part of the FBC staff.  Within the Council of Elders, our servant-leaders fill different ministry roles according to their Spirit-given gifts and the church's needs.  

We encourage you to contact our Council of Elders at the following email address: elder@feltonbiblechurch.org.  

P.J. Davis

P.J. Davis serves as the staff Pastor (Elder) of Ministry Leadership.  He is married to Allison, and together they have five children (one boy, four girls).  In his role with FBC, P.J. exercises particular responsibility for the preaching and teaching ministries of FBC.  He also oversees and leads the church staff on behalf of the Council.  As needed, P.J. gives general daily oversight to various ministries of FBC.